"Aut viam inveniam aut faciam"

"I shall find a way or make one" - company motto

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We're a small private firm located North East Wisconsin, however we are able to work throughout the United States and internationally.

Obtaining money for business needs today is very hard work. Cross-border business agreements require finesse.

We provide both.  We can fund acquisitions, refinances, expansions, equipment, note purchases, working capital.  We can also guide you through complex contractual negotiations.   We can do this because we represent a multitude of private and institutional investors, and we exist to help them achieve great returns on their capital.  In addition, we provide bank work-out and/or debt re-structuring negotiation services. 

-  Bank Workout  -  Debt Restructuring Negotiations -

A growing area for us.  Due to the economy, it is hard to find a business that is actually doing well.  Most are not.  However, time marches on, and bank notes come due.  Long standing bank customers, even those with perfect performance, are being greeted with notifications that their bank does not intend to renew the note.  The way things sit, no other bank is willing to replace the debt the way it is.  What is a business to do?  Give us a call.  We, along with selected law firms and accounting firms, have developed effective strategies that provide real solutions to this problem.

Whether you are a borrower or an investor, we invite you to tour our website to learn more about us, and how we may help you to achieve your goals.