Bank Workout/Debt Restructuring Negotiations:

Due to the economy, it is hard to find a business that is actually doing well.  Most are not.  However, time marches on, and bank notes come due.  Long standing bank customers, even those with perfect performance, are being greeted with notifications that their bank does not intend to renew the note.  The way things sit, no other bank is willing to replace the debt the way it is.  What is a business to do?  Give us a call.  We, along with selected law firms and accounting firms, have developed effective strategies that provide real solutions to this problem.

Collections Services:

If your business has trouble collecting from some customers, help is on the way!  Through our exclusive relationship with Miller, Ross and Goldman, a national collections agency with a fantastic record of success, you can seamlessly integrate top-notch accounts receivable management into your overall financial re-structuring plans. No investor likes to see AR go over 90 days; in their eyes, it is considered uncollectable. Let us help you keep them from even hitting that point.

Consulting Work:

As a matter of course, when White Knight takes on a funding project, it often becomes necessary to provide complete financials, business plans, and projections for your company as part of satisfying a particular investor's due diligence.  White Knight is available to assist the businesses owners do just this kind of thing, on a consulting basis, leaving you more time to do what you do best; run your business.

When your business needs help, we draw on a team of experts, all with at least 25 years experience in their respective fields of business management, law, accounting, mortage origination, commercial insurance and bonding, to help you put your business on the right track, and to document it on paper.  Ask how we can help!