Purchase Order Funding 

You have a big job to do.  You have to order 15K worth of widgets to do it.  Your distributer, who gets the widgets from China, and refuses to place the order without it benig paid in full.  You have plenty of money in AR and fully expect to collect it, but don't have the 15K liquid cash right now.  You have the time to do this job now.  Yet your customer won't pay you till the widgets are installed, and working like they are supposed to.  And your banker looked at you real funny when you asked about a line of credit.

Don't get PO'd, get PO funding!

We can help your business with short term funding (usually 60 days) for just this type of need.  No out-of-pocket costs, one baloon payment at the end of the loan term.

To get started we'll need a little history on your business, a little history on the client you are trying to serve, the ability to place a UCC filing on your AR, and your personal guarantee.  Pick up the phone and give us a jingle!