About Us:

White Knight Commercial Funding is a financial services provider.  Our staff offers over 100 combined years of business, and financial services experience.  We partner with other service providers (accountants, attorneys, business brokers, loan officers) on a regular basis. 

Any financing instrument that is the result of our efforts, is made directly between the source of the funds and the borrower.  We are paid for our services and for our success, by the borrower.

Our client list today includes:

  • Companies with banks who have advised them that they are unwilling or unable to refinance their existing notes.
  • Companies in need of new financing for construction, acquisition, or expansion.
  • Mortgage brokers who need assistance in placing commercial loans.
  • Private Investors seeking to gain a high level of performance out of their investment dollars.
Oconto Office:

5220 St. Patricks Rd., Lena, WI 54139

Marianna "Yana" DeMyer
Founder, Owner
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Tel. (920) 621-2163
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   James R. Gilmet
Sr. Loan Underwriter
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Tel. (920) 676-0101 email: click here

Green Bay Office:


 495 S. Huron Rd.Green Bay, WI 54311

 Chris VandenAvond 

Commercial Loan Originator  

Tel. (920) 655-7911
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