About Us:

White Knight Commercial Funding is a financial services provider.  I have 30+ years of business, and financial services experience.  I regularly parrtner with other service providers (accountants, attorneys, business brokers, loan officers) on a regular basis. 

Our client list today includes:

  • Companies with banks who have advised them that they are unwilling or unable to refinance their existing notes.
  • Companies in need of new financing for construction, acquisition, or expansion.
  • Mortgage brokers who need assistance in placing commercial loans.
  • Private Investors seeking to gain a high level of performance out of their investment dollars.
Oconto Office:

5220 St. Patricks Rd., Lena, WI 54139

   James R. Gilmet
Sr. Loan Underwriter
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Tel. (920) 676-0101 email: click here