Securities-Based Line of Credit Program

We are pleased to announce we now offer a Securities-Based Line of Credit (SBLOC) program.

This new program allows the borrower to pledge their securities portfolio (stocks, mutual funds, bonds and other securities) to obtain a Revolving Line of Credit for personal or business use.

The borrower maintains their portfolio in their own name in an SIPC-insured account at a top-tier US Bank/Investment firm. There is no liquidation of the assets and the borrower may still trade or sell their securities. The borrower also receives the benefit of dividends (if applicable).

The SBLOC program allows flexibility to draw funds up to the credit line limit and to repay any amount at any time without a pre-penalty. The funds may be used for any purpose except to purchase other securities.

Interest rates as low as 3.50% with no yearly maintenance fee and low interest-only monthly payments. (Payments are not required is there is room on the line to cover the interest due for that month.)

There is no credit or income requirements or verification and the only collateral for the loan are the securities that are pledged.

Loans available for up to 65% of the securities value and up to 99% for certain other types of securities.